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What is Team Jaxx, Inc.? 

When this road began for us, we knew it would be costly. We didn't realize just how much extra money it would require. I remember our very first trip to Philadelphia, we were given enough money from family to cover our gas and food. Before our next trip for surgery, a fundraiser had already been done to help with expenses. We constantly have friends and even strangers walking up to us and handing us money, refusing to take it back when we try to return it.

We are so blessed to have such tremendous support. There are a lot of families in our shoes that do not have this kind of support. These families are draining their life savings to travel, pay medical bills, and keep their household going at home. We prayed about it and decided we needed to do something to help. What better way to show the love of Christ than to hand a family a check and say Jesus loves you.

With the help of some friends with experience in setting up foundations, we began our next journey. We wanted to start the Team Jaxx Foundation. We sent our paperwork to the IRS and waited 18 months. We finally got an approval letter! The IRS actually classified Team Jaxx as a public charity since most of the funding comes from fundraisers.

Team Jaxx, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) public charity. That means any donation made is fully tax deductible. 100% of your donations go directly to assist families of children that need the VEPTR device or who already have the device. I wish each of you could experience how good it feels to hand a family in need a check and say Jesus loves you! It's an amazing feeling to give back. We are so blessed to be able to give to other families in need.

For those of you that have donated and for those that will donate....we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

You can donate through paypal or by mailing a check.

If you would like to donate to Team Jaxx, Inc. please mail checks to:

Team Jaxx
C/O Pete Denny or Tammy Denny
PO Box 2194
Reidsville, NC 27323


If you need a proof of donation for tax purposes, please contact us and we will mail it to you.

Thank you!